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  • Absolutely Clean® Skunk Odor Eliminator 16oz and 128oz (Gallon) Bottles.
  • Absolutely Clean® Skunk Odor Eliminator 16oz Bottle.
  • Absolutely Clean® Skunk Odor Eliminator 128oz (Gallon) Bottle.
  • Absolutely Clean® Skunk Odor Eliminator 128oz (Gallon) Bottle with No Waste 1oz Pump Accessory.

Skunk Odor Eliminator


Product Description

  • FAST-ACTING DEODORIZING FORMULA: Our natural enzyme cleaning formula is incredibly fast acting at removing skunk odors from your pets or living areas. Whether your pet gets into trouble or a skunk sprays your yard furniture, this multi-enzyme formula is the best way to remove skunk smell from virtually any room or surface as well as your pet.  

  • POWERFUL NATURAL ENZYMES: Absolutely Clean Skunk Odor Eliminator uses Powerful, Natural Enzymes to break down skunk odors. Use it on your dog or cat to de-skunk their fur, or mix it with water for soaking, spraying, or laundry. Our natural enzyme formula breaks down bad smells on contact, making it an ideal solution for removing skunk and other foul odors.  

  • FOR CLOTHES, PETS & MORE: This enzyme formula is ideal for washing and deodorizing your home, clothing, pet, or car in one wash. It removes skunk odors and stains from all around the house or even large outdoor areas. Use it on carpet, pet collars, clothes, waterproof items, fabric, and more. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the foulest of odors can be eliminated. 

  • VETERINARIAN APPROVED: Our vet-approved enzyme formula is made without the use of harsh chemicals or noxious fumes, making for a gentle yet powerful cleaning solution for removing the toughest stains and eliminating the most stubborn odors. 

  • MADE IN THE USA: Absolutely Clean is a small, family owned-and-operated company based in Colorado. We make our products at home in the USA. We believe in providing an exceptional cleaning experience for our customers by providing high-quality products. No matter what your cleaning needs are, Absolutely Clean has the product for you! 


Eliminate Skunk Odors once and for all with Absolutely Clean Skunk Odor Eliminator. Our Powerful, Natural Enzymes and soaps break down both the greasy, oily component of a skunks spray, but the pheromone component that makes the strong smell. This often works in one washing (if you use us first) instead of several washings like other remedies. Eliminates Skunk Odors on Many Surfaces including: Dogs & Cats Leashes & Collars Clothing and Linens Outside the home. When the foulest, nastiest odors need to be defeated, look no further that Absolutely Clean Skunk Odor Eliminator.  


  • Size: 16 Oz

  • Made in USA

  • Plant-based surfactants

  • $2.99 Flat rate shipping for all orders in continental US

  • Free shipping on orders $35 and above in continental US

INGREDIENTS (Absolutely Clean® Skunk Odor Eliminator): All Natural Enzymes, Plant Based Surfactants, Plant Based Water Softener, Food Grade Conditioner, Inert Ingredient & Mild Fragrance.

*Absolutely Clean® Skunk Odor Eliminator will often completely eliminate skunk odor from pets in a single use when pets haven't been washed or had any other remedies applied first.

Cleaning Instructions

Mix 1 cup of Skunk Odor Eliminator with 2 cups of warm water. For larger areas you may need to mix a larger amount. Make certain to use the ratio 1-to-2, Skunk Odor Eliminator to warm water. Skunk Odor Removal from Pet:
FOR BEST RESULTS, USE ABSOLUTELY CLEAN® SKUNK ODOR ELIMINATOR FIRST. Using a sponge or wash cloth, liberally apply Full Strength Skunk Odor Eliminator to skunked area of pet (Do Not Get in Eyes, It May Sting). Wet hands with warm water and work Skunk Odor Eliminator into pet’s coat until it lathers. Let sit for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with warm water then bathe pet normally. Repeat if necessary.
Collars & Leashes:
Mix according to mixing directions above. Wipe off excess skunk spray. Soak collars and leashes for up to 30 minutes until odor stops. Let air dry. Repeat if necessary.
Clothing & Linens:
Add 2-3oz Full Strength Skunk Odor Eliminator to skunked laundry in the wash instead of detergent. Follow washing instructions on clothing. Use the hottest water safe for the fabric. Run SOAK setting first. Then wash normally. Repeat if necessary. Dry normally.
Household Items:
For use on household items that are water safe. Mix according to mixing directions above. Wipe off excess skunk spray from items. Soak household items for up to 30 minutes until odor stops. Let air dry. Repeat if necessary.
Odors Under or Around Outside of House:
Mix according to mixing instructions. The amount will depend on how large an area was sprayed. Add mixture to a pump sprayer and liberally spray areas with odor. Let air dry normally. Note: Skunk spray may penetrate some surfaces. It is necessary to penetrate those same areas with the Skunk Odor Eliminator in order to remove the odor.

Product Reviews

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  1. Skunk smell off dog and clothes 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Aug 31st 2017

    My dog Whispy was skunked during our walk. She ran over to me and rubbed on my pants before I realized what happened. My local pet store recommended this. It got the smell off her and I used it in my wash and it took the smell off my pants and shirt.

  2. Worked the First Time!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jul 26th 2017

    It only took one washing and Scooter's skunk smell was gone. Awesome.

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