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  • Absolutely Clean® Outdoor Cleaner bottles.
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  • Absolutely Clean® Outdoor Cleaner 16oz bottle.
  • Absolutely Clean® Outdoor Cleaner 128oz (gallon) bottle.
  • Absolutely Clean® Outdoor Cleaner 128oz (gallon) bottle w/ 1oz pump accessory.

Product Description

Keep the outside of your home looking great with our Absolutely Clean® Outdoor enzyme cleaner.


Absolutely Clean® Outdoor Cleaner uses natural enzymes to clean bird feeders & hummingbird feeders while being safe for birds.Absolutely Clean® Outdoor Cleaner is great for cleaning patio furniture and cushions. Cleans and conditions all fabrics, plastic, rubber and vinyl.Absolutely Clean® Outdoor Cleaner is amazing cleaning and degreasing barbecue grills including stainless steel.Absolutely Clean® Outdoor Cleaner is great for cleaning upholstery and leather.Absolutely Clean® Outdoor Cleaner is great for removing stains due to mold, mildew & algae off of fences, decking and siding.Absolutely Clean® Outdoor Cleaner is formulated to work in pressure washers for quick and easy outdoor cleaning.Absolutely Clean® Outdoor Cleaner cleans and removes stains on awnings and covers for grills and outdoor furniture.Absolutely Clean® Outdoor Cleaner even works to clean and remove stains from flower pots!Absolutely Clean® Outdoor Cleaner is completely Non-Toxic and safe to use around children and pets.

  • It cleans the dirt and grime from your outdoor furniture, siding, fencing, awnings, vinyl covers, and more.

  • Removes stains from mold, mildew, algae, and more.

  • It safely cleans all types of upholstery.

  • It is safe for pets and people.

Our outdoor cleaner uses enzymatic cleaners to remove the toughest stains from your outdoor surfaces. Our environmentally friendly cleaning products are powerful enough to remove the most difficult stains. This natural cleaning solution is also a pet-safe cleaning product that is safe for people, too. Try our non-toxic cleaning product today.

  • 16 oz spray bottle

  • Gallon size available with or without a no waste pump
  • $2.99 Flat rate shipping for all orders in continental US

  • Free shipping on orders $35 and above in continental US

  • Plant-based and non-toxic surfactants

INGREDIENTS (Absolutely Clean® Outdoor Cleaner): All Natural Enzymes, Plant Based and Non-Toxic Surfactants, Plant Based Water Softener, Food Grade Conditioner, Inert Ingredient & Mild Fragrance.

Cleaning Instructions

General Cleaning & Stain Removal:
1. SPRAY - Spray liberally surface to be cleaned. Let sit 3-5 minutes. If surface dries, reactivate enzymes by scrubbing with a wet brush or lightly spray with water.
2. BRUSH - For best results use dip a brush in hot water and brush surface. Repeat until this step until stain and dirt is gone.
3. WIPE - Wipe or rinse surface clean. Repeat steps 1-3 if necessary. NOTE: If cleaning bird feeders, rinse completely before refilling with bird feed.
Pump Sprayer (For Gallon Concentrate Only):
Mix 32oz of cleaner to 96oz water (1-to-3 dilution) in a pump sprayer. Apply directly to surface to be cleaned. Let sit 3-5 minutes. For best results scrub surface with a wet brush. Rinse clean.
Pressure Washer (For Gallon Concentrate Only):
Refer to pressure washer instruction manual. Fill chemical reservoir with Outdoor Cleaner. Use low pressure nozzle and apply cleaner to surface until wet. Let sit 3-5 minutes. Use high pressure nozzle to clean and rinse surface. 
General Deodorizing:
SPRAY - Make sure surface is clean. Spray surface liberally. Let sit 3-5 minutes, making sure to keep surface wet. Rinse if desired, but not necessary. Repeat if necessary.
Humming Bird Feeder Cleaning:
1. SOAK: Add 1oz to 1 gallon of hot water in a sink. Place feeder parts in the water and let sit 5-10 minutes.
2. RINSE: Rinse thoroughly the inside and out of the feeder until there are no more suds. If necessary, use a brush to remove excess buildup of dirt.

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  1. Excellent BBQ Cleaner 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Jul 26th 2017

    Great de-greaser and for cleaning the outside of my stainless grill.

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