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Our Story

Absolutely Clean is a family owned and operated company in the beautiful mountains of Franktown, Colorado. We pride ourselves on providing high quality cleaning products that make your life easier by cleaning harder. All without the use of harsh chemicals.

Because of our own personal issues with chemical sensitivities, we needed a cleaner that we could use without causing us problems. Starting with just one phenomenal formula using natural enzymes. We were delighted to discover that this enzyme-based cleaner caused us none of the negative physical reactions that most cleaners caused us. We were thrilled to then discover that this enzyme cleaning product was superior to other, more popular mainstream household cleaners. We knew we had to spread the word about Absolutely Clean. We established our family-owned and operated business and began to offer Absolutely Clean as a pet stain and odor remover in pet stores throughout the United States and Canada.

After more research and development, and tons of positive customer feedback, we discovered that in different dilutions, Absolutely Clean cleans almost absolutely everything! Now available in 60 different use-specific formulations, our environmentally friendly cleaning products offer homeowners an enzyme based cleaning alternative to traditional harsh cleaners.