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Red Wine and How to Live with It

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So you are a connoisseur of red wine. You enjoy it with your friends, at restaurants and at home. We are totally with you. However, with the enjoyment of red wine comes the occasional (hopefully) spill. This may be just a drop on your new outfit or a whole glass knocked over on your carpet. Ugh! Not to worry we can help you with that. 

But first, let’s look at what makes wine stains so tough to deal with. Red wine gets its color from a natural substance called chromogens. Chromogens are a found in many plants that are used as dyes. This is one of the reasons why red wine stains and it is so difficult to get wine away.

Red wine also contains tannins, which give it much of its character. However, tannins are also used to make ink (yikes). So, between the chromogens and the tannins it is a wonder that anything can remove a fresh wine stain, let alone one that is set in and dried.

That’s where Absolutely Clean® 60 Second Wine Stain Remover comes in. It really can take wine away in just 60 seconds (occasionally a little longer). So, how does it work?

Absolutely Clean® 60 Second Wine Stain Remover uses Natural Enzymes and Soap to quickly take wine away. Our special mix of enzymes break down the wine stain and separate it from whatever it is staining (clothes, carpet, upholstery, even leather). Then, the soaps we use lift the wine stain up and out and that’s it. It’s just that simple (the chemistry of the enzymes is actually quite complex but it’s easy for you to remove the stain).

Below is a video of our 11 year old daughter, Emily, taking wine away from carpet in less than 60 seconds. Check it out to see for yourself.