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Pet Stain And Odor Remover: Tips For Housebreaking Puppies

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Christmas is an exciting time of year for families, and some lucky families might be fortunate enough to add a puppy to their household as the ultimate gift! With little exception, everybody loves puppies. Nothing warms the heart more than cuddling with a cute, fluffy puppy! Your entire family will be absolutely uplifted by the presence of a puppy. However, puppies also require quite a bit of work. Not only do puppies need to be fed, walked, and given lots of attention, but they also need to be housebroken. Housebreaking puppies is no walk in the park, and expect to clean up some accidents. With these tips, we can help take some of the stress out of housebreaking puppies:

Crate Training

Many people cringe at the idea of confining their beloved puppy to a crate, but dogs are naturally den animals. Their crate can serve as a little den where they feel secure. Dogs do not want to relieve themselves in their dens, so they will not have accidents in their crates.

Consistency Is Key

Puppies are like babies because they function better on a schedule. According to the Humane Society, puppies can control their bladders one hour for each month of age. For example, a three-month-old puppy can control her bladder for about three hours. Also, puppies have fast-acting and extremely efficient digestive systems, so you can expect a puppy to defecate five to thirty minutes after eating. With this knowledge, you will need to take your dog outside to the same areas frequently. Puppies tend to relieve themselves in the same area because of the scent. Also, reward your puppy whenever she successfully uses the bathroom outside.

Don’t Punish Your Puppy For Accidents

If your dog uses the bathroom inside, don’t punish her by rubbing her nose in the stain or scolding her. Negative reinforcement only creates negative associations for puppies around their bodily functions.

Pick Up The Water Dish

Take away your puppy’s water dish about two and a half hours before bedtime so that they will be less likely to relieve themselves while you are sleeping

Clean Up Their Messes With Absolutely Clean®

No matter how effective you are at housebreaking your puppy, she will have accidents from time to time. As soon as you find the soiled area, treat it with Absolutely Clean® Pet Stain and Odor Remover. This cleaning product uses powerful natural enzymes to clean pet stains and to eliminate the odors. If a puppy smells the area she has soiled, she will most likely soil that area again. Unlike harsh chemical cleaners, Absolutely Clean pet stain and odor remover uses Natural Enzymes for cleaning power. This pet stain and odor remover works on a variety of surfaces, including carpets, upholstery, and leather.

Housebreaking your puppy does not have to be stressful for you or your puppy. Try to remain patient during the process, because a little time and consistency go a long way. If you would like to buy Absolutely Clean, shop our store today.