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Favorite Cat Breeds

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Often associated with lonely, middle-aged women who have given up on romantic relationships and human interaction in general, cats get a really bad rap. People who love cats are not just limited to the social rejects of society, and many families include a cat or two in their family. In fact, celebrities who love cats include Ian Somerhalder, Katy Perry, and James Franco. Once you earn the affection of cats, you will discover their many endearing qualities. Here are some of the most popular cat breeds in the US:

Maine Coon

These big old fluffballs are considered gentle giants, and they are characterized by their shaggy coats, tufted ears, and full, bushy tails. Originally bred as mousers for barns in Maine, these cats are considered a very hearty breed. Good with both children and dogs, these giant cats are beloved by many and love to be outside.

The Ragdoll

These sweet, fluffy cats are characterized by their sweet disposition and their beautiful blue eyes. Like Maine Coons, Ragdolls are big, sweet cats. Ragdolls got their name because go limp in pleasure when you hold them in your arms and cuddle with them. If you have a dogs, Ragdolls would be a good breed because they get along well with dogs.


These exotic cats were bred by crossing small Asian leopard cats with domestic cats, and they are highly active and intelligent. These active, athletic cats love to climb and jump and even play fetch. You can even train these cats to walk on a leash and they are particularly fond of playing in water. Bengals need a lot of attention, so it’s best not to adopt these cats if you don’t have time to dedicate to them.


These beautiful cats are very vocal, often “demanding” your attention. Siamese cats will sometimes even cry for your attention like a baby. These highly intelligent cats are fun-loving and curious, making them a favorite for many--as long as you don’t mind their chatter.

The American Shorthair

These gentle, sweet cats get along well with both children and dogs. These cats made their way over to the US in the Mayflower, where they kept the mice and rat population under control. Even today, these quiet cats love to hunt.


These smoosh-faced cats are characterized by their unusual faces and their immensely fluffy fur. These quiet, docile cats have quite the easy-going disposition. However, their incredibly long, thick fur requires grooming, so you will need to brush them regularly.

Mixed-Breed Cats

We want to give credit where credit is due, and there are so many amazing mixed-breed cats that make the most wonderful pets. Often, shelters are overpopulated with mixed-breed cats that desperately need homes. In fact, some of the sweetest and most beautiful cats are stray cats who have been adopted by kind-hearted humans.

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